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AnyList allows you to create all kinds of lists that you can easily share with family members!

I am a bad blogger, obviously. Things have been pretty quiet/dead silent on here since I finished up my master closet. After big projects I really just need some time to build up more motivation (and money) for the next one. Also, tomorrow is my son’s last day of his first year of school and so the past couple of weeks have been busy with special trips/events I needed to attend for him. Annnnnd tomorrow my kids and I are going to Massachusetts for a couple weeks to visit my family, so the blog will remain silent for awhile more. So sorry. But I hope to get back at it once I’m home.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a little while, and I figure now is as good a time as any. I love when I come across a new product or service that changes my life for the better. It’s not usually something big, but anything that makes life easier/more fun is worth sharing, in my opinion. That said, here are a couple things in my life that I can’t live without…

Handheld Shower Heads

I honestly do not understand how people live without these. When I’m at a hotel with just a regular, one pressure, fixed shower head it’s such a bummer. The handheld shower head is so handy. It makes it easy to wash the dogs in the shower, I can pull it down to rinse out the kids’ hair, and I can easily hose off the shower when I’m done to wash down any suds/fallen hair. I have one in all three of our showers. I like this one because it has an on/off switch so I can easily pause it for a second when I’m lathering up my kids hair and not have to find the perfect temperature again. Trust me, once you go handheld, you’ll never go back.

Hand-Held Shower Heads are the best! Makes cleaning the kids, pets and shower itself so much easier.
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This is an app I use on my iPhone to keep lists. I mainly use it for my grocery list, but I also keep other lists on it, like “Things To Pack” and “Things To Do Before Leaving” when we go on trips, and I often keep a running list on it of Christmas gift ideas. The best part about the app though, besides it being free, is that it syncs with my husband’s AnyList app on his phone, so he instantly sees my updates to the shopping list and can grab things for me on his way home. SO handy. If you are even half as crazy as me, you will love it.

AnyList allows you to create all kinds of lists that you can easily share with family members!

Bar Keepers Friend

Okay, you need this cleaning product. It’s cheap, and one bottle lasts forever. If I have a cleaning dilemma that I’m not sure how to solve, generally Bar Keepers Friend will do the trick. It is the best at getting hard water spots off of our glass shower doors. Just sprinkle a bit of it on a wet sponge, give it a good scrub, let it sit for a minute then wash it away and your glass will be crystal clear again. I also use it on my stainless steel sink to get all the crud off the bottom AND remove any rust stains that result from my kids’ peanut butter knifes being left in there too long. Oh, and I use this white porcelain dinnerware, and it can sometimes get grey scratches on it from silverware scraping against it, but a little scrub with Barkeeper’s Friend makes it look brand new again. Seriously I haven’t found anything that it won’t solve. Make sure you get the powder kind though! The pre-mixed creme kind is not as good, in my experience.

Bar Keepers Friend can clean anything!

USPS Informed Delivery 

I just found out about this a couple weeks ago, and I’m not sure that it’s everywhere yet, but it’s worth checking the USPS website here to see if they offer it in your area. Basically the United States Postal Service will send you an email everyday with a picture of the front of each piece of mail you are getting that day. I just can NOT be bothered to walk right across the street everyday to check my mail, and my freaking kids are still too short to reach our mailbox. (#ultimatelazy) I often only collect my mail maybe once a week when I’m worried its getting too full. (Once it was so full that I had to go all the way to the stupid post office to get my mail, so I try really hard to at least not make THAT mistake again.) However, there have been a rash of mailbox break-ins around my city lately, so it’s nice to be able to see if there’s anything important in there, in the case that my mailbox were to fall victim to the crazy mail thiefs.

Informed Delivery by USPS allows me to see all the mail coming to me each day in a convenient daily email!


Ok, I tried podcasts when they first launched the app on the iPhone and I just couldn’t get into it. However, a few weekends ago when I spent like, 6 hours holed up in my closet painting my new built-ins, I decided to turn one on that I’d heard about lately. I ended up listening to the entire S-Town podcast while painting and I must say, it really made it go by so much quicker. I decided to try listening to another earlier podcast by the same people, Serial, on our 5 hour trip home from Phoenix the other weekend (much to my husband’s chagrin). BUT, even he admitted that it made the drive go by so much quicker, so, win. I’ve also gotten into a couple of home decor/design/lifestyle type podcasts to listen to on my drive to and from my sons school each day, and I’m loving it. Currently I’m subscribed to The Chris Loves Julia Podcast with Preston PugmireYoung House Love Has A Podcast, and Here To Make Friends, which is a funny and honest The Bachelor/Bachelorette recap show (#ashamed). Oh and I just added another shameful Bachelor/ette podcast called The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast. If there are any other podcasts you would recommend I’d love to hear about them.

Podcasts have changed the way I commute.

Alright, well that about wraps up this riveting post. I hope at least one of you found it interesting. I swear if I can convince just one reader (out of my two) to switch to a handheld shower head I will consider my mission complete. Of course if you have anything that has changed your life I would love to hear about it. I have a quasi-shopping addiction and any fuel I can add to that fire is always appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Lately

  1. I’ve been using the Usps informed delivery for a few weeks now. It is amazing!! Maybe I should try the hand held shower head next ???

  2. Our new house doesn’t have a handheld shower head and I’m dyyyyying 😭 I’ve been trying to convince Colton to get me one, Colton if you’re reading this… we need one now!

    1. It’s literally like the first thing I buy when I move. I just can not with the stationary ones anymore…I need to be able to get up close and personal with my shower head. 😂

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