Scrap Wood Wall Vase

How to make a DIY wall vase out of scrap wood!

In our master bedroom there were these two areas of wall on either side of the entrance to our bathroom that have always felt really bare. They definitely needed something, but I could never figure out what. I love doing pictures in black frames, but I already had a set of those over the bed, so that wouldn’t work. I thought about mirrors, but I felt that whatever I put on either side had to be the same, and having two mirrors just seemed like overkill.

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The best pic I have of that wall from before I built my new nightstands and before the tiled floors in the bathroom. Obviously I tried to avoid even photographing that big blank space.

I lived with it for years until I came across this picture on Pinterest one night, and knew it was the solution to all my problems this problem.
How to create DIY wood wall vases out of scrap wood!

The pin was uploaded by user and it took me a little sleuthing to find the source, but I finally discovered it was actually a picture of Haydee’s living room @mylilittledecor on Instagram. A little MORE sleuthing (starting to sound like a real creep) and I found that she had tagged her wall vases which led me to these Tin Wall Buckets by Magnolia. The CIA should recruit me ASAP, obvi.

The tin wall buckets are SO cute, obviously, but also $42 (FOR ONE) which is a little steep, especially for me. I knew, even before I discovered where they were from, that I could DIY this look. And actually, it cost me nothing because I had all the scrap wood and leftover paint and supplies I needed on hand!

I started with a 1×8 scrap board and cut it into two 15-inch long pieces. (I didn’t take good pics of the first few steps because I thought there was a possibility this idea was actually going to be a huge failure, sorry.) Then I used my miter saw to cut a slight angle (only around 3-4 degrees) down the side of each board, so that it tapered in a bit at the bottom. I then cut a 1×2 board into four 15-inch pieces, and nailed them to the 1x8s using my nail gun. I measured the length between each 1×2 at the bottom of the 1×8, and then cut two more 1×2 pieces to fit the bottom of each vase. These bottom pieces aren’t perfect because of the angle, and I didn’t feel like doing math to figure it all out, but honestly the angle is so slight that any gaps are hardly noticeable and easily filled with wood filler, which I also used to fill in the seams on the side and all the nail holes and other imperfections on the front.

How to make a wall vase out of scrap wood!
How to make a wall vase out of scrap wood!

I then gave it all a quick sanding to smooth out the wood filler and round the edges a bit.

How to make a wall vase out of scrap wood!

I gave it two quick coats of some leftover black paint I had from my DIY nightstands (Caviar by Sherwin Williams) and then turned it over to add some mounting hardware. I ended up screwing in two small screw eyes the the inside of the 1×2 sides, and then stringing some landscaping wire I had between them.

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Obviously because these are made of wood and don’t have a back, I don’t plan on keeping real flowers on them. Instead, I picked up some faux stems at Hobby Lobby during one of their 50% off floral stem sales, and I love the final look!

How to make a DIY wall vase out of scrap wood!

I especially like how the faux stems kind of mimic the leaf artwork I have over the bed.

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As I mentioned, this project was free for me as I had everything I needed on hand (except for the stems) but you could easily recreate these wood wall vases for under $10 in material, for two, and still have material left over for probably another two vases. MUCH more affordable (and in my opinion just as cute!) as the wall buckets from Magnolia.

You may also notice another addition to the bathroom entry, but that is for another post.

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