DIY Custom Master Closet: Part 5, The Cost

Building a DIY custom closet system in my walk-in master closet!

Alright, I spent an afternoon rummaging through all of my receipts from this project and added everything up. It was very scary, and honestly, the total I spent was a bit more than I expected.

Adding up the total cost of my DIY custom closet system!

Below is the total cost I spent on this project. I linked each item to the actual place I purchased it, though a couple prices listed online are different than the price I paid.

My Custom Closet Costs
12 Sheets 4x8ft 3/4in Pine Plywood Boards (For Cabinets/Shelves)  @ $29.98 a piece $359.76
Ten 8ft 2x4s (for Cabinet Bases) @$3.05 each $30.50
Four 8ft 1x4s (for Base Moulding) @ $6.86 each $27.44
Four 8ft 1×2 Whitewood Boards (For Crown) @ $2.63 each $10.52
Four 8ft 1×4 Whitewood Boards (For Crown) @ $3.62 each $14.48
4ft 1×2 Whitewood Board (For Crown) $1.88
4ft 1×4 Whitewood Board (For Crown) $2.32
2 Strips 8ft Cove Moulding (For Corner Edging) @ $3.47 each $6.94
Twenty-Three 8ft Pine Trim Pieces (For Plywood Edging) @ $3.12 each $71.76
4X8 Poplar Plywood Sheet (For Doors) $14.98
Five 8ft 1×4 Whitewood Boards (For Doors) @ $3.62 each $18.10
10 Pack Cabinet Hinges (The 10-pack isn’t on website anymore but these are the hinges I used.) $19.99
2 Bottles of Orange Peel Wall Texture @ $13.98 each $27.96
32 oz Spackling $7.58
6 Tubes Alex Fast Dry Caulk @ $2.48 each $14.88
2 Gallons of Sherwin Williams Ovation Semi-Gloss Paint in “Simply White” @ $28.98 each $57.96
Arrow 18 Guage 2 in Brad Nails $5.96
9 Style Selections Plastic Closet Rod Brackets @ $1.84 each $16.56
Hedra Knobs (2 Pack)  $4.99
Kreg Jig Mini $19.97
Kreg Pocket Screw 100 Pack $4.47
Clamps to Hold Kreg Jig In Place $0.99
Kreg Shelf Pin Drilling Jig $34.98
Shelf Pins 100 Pack  $7.99
Forstner Bits For Cabinet Hinges $19.97
Sandpaper for Corner Cat Sander $4.98
TOTAL $807.91
Plus Local Sales Tax Rate of 8.75% $70.69

Whoa. Almost $900. That is…a lot. BUT, I should factor in that $75 of that are for tools that I will use in the future. Though, I suppose it should also be noted that I didn’t include the costs of the tools I already have. I was feeling a bit down about that total so I went over to the Ikea website to price how much I would have spent on their popular PAX wardrobe. Below is the cost breakdown for the frames, shelves and clothes rods from Ikea.

Ikea PAX Wardrobe Cost
Three 29.5×13.75in Pax Wardrobe Frames @ $60 each $180
39.25×13.75in Pax Wardrobe Frame $65
19.5×13.75in Pax Wardrobe Frame $50
Three 39.25x23in Pax Wardrobe Frames @ $90 each $270
Twelve 29.5×13.75in Shelves @$10 each $120
Four 39.24×13.75in Shelves @ $10 each $40
Nine 39.23x23in Shelves @ $15 each $135
Three 39.25in Clothes Rails @ $10 each $30
Two 29.5in Clothes Rails @ $10 each $20
19.5 in Clothes Rail $5
Ikea Total $915
Plus West Covine Sales Tax of 9% $82.35
Grand Ikea Total $997.35

That makes me feel a bit better! It should be noted that the Ikea supplies do not include the price of the wood I would have had to buy to build the base for the cabinets, or the wood for the crown moulding. It also doesn’t factor in all of the filler pieces of wood I would have had to buy to make up for the fixed width of each cabinet, nor the space I would have lost due to the fixed cabinet widths and height (54.5 cubic feet of space!). It also obviously doesn’t include any doors to hide the more unsightly items in my closet, nor does it include the vanity space I have created. And finally, the Ikea wardrobes are made out of particleboard, which is much less sturdy and reliable material than the plywood I used.

That all is said mostly to make me feel better though…I can’t knock Ikea! I have many, MANY Ikea products in my house, and if you don’t have access to the tools that I have already amassed, the PAX system is a great choice. While I spent a little bit more than I intended to on my closet, it still comes in less than the price of the PAX wardrobe I could have bought. Mine is truly a custom closet, and by designing and building it from scratch I was able to make the most out of the space and tailor it to my needs. And, although I didn’t get estimates, I believe it is still much less than it would have been to have a custom closet installed, which according to this website costs about $125 per linear foot. I have 25 linear feet of closet space that I utilized (a 3 foot wall, 4 foot wall, 7 foot wall and a 12 foot wall), so by their estimate it would have been around $3,125 to have a custom system installed for me.

Overall, I love my closet, and I think that the value it will add to the house will make the price-tag worth it when we go to sell someday. Not to mention the value it has added to our lives to have a more organized and functional space that we use everyday! 
How to build a custom DIY master closet system for cheaper than the Ikea PAX wardrobe!

What do you think?