Wall-to-Wall Built-In Desk: Part 1, The Plan

How to create a huge built-in homework desk using cheap Ikea Rast dressers!

On the second floor of our home we have a little loft space that separates our master bedroom from the two kids’ bedrooms, their bathroom, and the laundry room. It’s a great place for the kids to hang out in the morning and begin their daily wrestling match to the death, and it’s where my son and husband park during the evenings to play Xbox together. The only downside of this room is that it […]

DIY Custom Master Closet: Part 1, The Plan

My plans for a DIY custom closet in my master bedroom!

Our master closet is huge. Like, way too big. The pictures don’t do it justice as I don’t have a very wide lens on my camera, but it’s the size of a small bedroom. There is SO much space but the standard builder shelves and rods just didn’t make a lot of sense in here. We don’t have THAT many hanging items that we need 4 walls of rods. What we needed more of was […]

Master Bedroom Makeover: Part 1, The Plan

Master bedroom makeover with a shiplap wall and craftsman door casing!

As I mentioned in my last post, I decided it was finally time to tackle the master bedroom and bathroom. We’ve lived here almost a year and a half now (Wait, what? How? What??) and these two rooms are the last left with the builder-beige flat paint. The before pictures don’t look too terrible, but it was just kind of blah. The flat paint was smudged up from all the kids and animals always hanging out […]

Easy Craftsman Style Door Casings

How I upgraded my builder-grade door casings to a craftsman style!

I’ve decided that it’s time to tackle our master bedroom/bathroom. They are the last two rooms in the house to be painted (well, except for closets, butttt…not happening) and I was tired of juggling all of the ideas in my head as I laid in bed each night. I knew that I was probably going to go white with the bedroom, but I wanted to go a little bolder in the attached bathroom with a dark blue […]

Constructing a Built-In Media Center: Part 1, The Plan

How to construct a built-in media center with shiplap and window seats!

Our home was a spec home, meaning that the builder chose the floorplan, elevation and most of the finishings. We were fine with that mostly because our move was very last minute and we needed a home that would be ready in less than two months, but also because picking every single detail of our home at once seems like it would be so daunting. It’s much easier to justify spending money to make big changes […]