DIY Tub Caddy

How to build your own DIY wooden bathtub caddy!

I’ve mentioned before that our master bathroom is pretty builder-basic. It’s got the standard tub and separate standing shower thing going on, and while I would LOVE to have an oversized, fully tiled walk-in shower, it’s just not in the budget now, nor is it something we plan to tackle in this house that we only plan to be in for a year or two more. What we have is new and clean and perfectly […]

Master Bath Makeover: Part 3, The Reveal

A quick master bathroom makeover with a moody blue paint color and shiplap water closet!

Alright, my quick little master bathroom makeover is done! BUT let me just be clear, this room is far from “finished”. I still have plans to replace the linoleum flooring that came with the house with a nice light and bright tile, hopefully sometime in the near future. I’ve kind of been stalling on that project because I’ve never done tile before and I’m nervous, but my plan is to get it knocked out before […]

Master Bath Makeover: Part 2, Shiplap Water Closet 

How to DIY shiplap walls in your bathroom!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to add a little something special to this little master bathroom water closet by mimicking the shiplap I added to my master bedroom. My first step was to remove my baseboards and then slap up a quick coat of white paint on all my walls, just in case you could see between any of the gaps between my shiplap boards. At this point it looked pretty […]

Master Bath Makeover: Part 1, Choosing the Perfect Blue Paint Color

Finding the perfect moody blue paint color!

The VERY LAST room in our house to be painted is our master bathroom. Well actually, I did start painting it before I painted the master bedroom but halfway through I realized the “perfect” moody blue paint I purchased was all wrong. Whomp whomp. But I will get to that in a bit. First, let me explain again the layout of the master bathroom. It is located right off of our master bedroom. There isn’t even […]