About Me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Taryn and my brain is currently fried from listening to my two horrible wonderful children scream all day, so when I have more sleep I will update this to be more coherent and witty. But for now…

I am a wife, stay at home mom and recent SoCal transplant from Arizona. I graduated from Arizona State with a degree in Business Management but after moving into our first house with my now husband, I fell in love with interior design. I am creative but indecisive, stubborn and on a budget. I refuse to pay someone else for what I could do myself, which has led me down a few interesting paths in my years as a homeowner. I’ve finally decided to share some of the knowledge I’ve learned as well as the many projects I am tackling in an attempt to make our basic, new build house a home. I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the process with me!