Crispy Oatmeal Cookies

These delicious cookies are loaded with oatmeal AND rice cereal which give them a mouth watering texture!

Today I have a DIY of a different sort: a cookie recipe. Not just any cookie recipe…these are the most mouth watering, chewy, sweet and salty cookies and their unique texture will leave you craving more. Trust me. My whole family is addicted to them. I purposely labeled my blog as a “design, lifestyle and DIY” blog so that I could give myself permission to include posts like this. This blog is primarily for me to […]

DIY Planter Box Centerpiece 

How to create a DIY planter box centerpiece!

A few years ago I made my first planter box centerpiece for my new dining table. This was before I had a fancy miter saw, or nail gun, or even a drill that worked reliably. It was also before I even knew that there was different sized wood boards. So, that planter box was made with chunky 2x4s, a good old hand saw and miter box, screws, a Phillips screw driver and a hell of […]

DIY Drapery Finials 

How to create your own curtain rod finials!

When redoing our master bedroom, I took the opportunity to upgrade the thin, Target curtain rods that I had purchased when we moved in to a thicker, more substantial curtain rod. The thin ones looked fine but they felt just a little too small for the room. Also, because the one wall of our bedroom has two big windows right next to each other, the curtain rod there needed to extend over 12.5 feet! The […]

Master Bedroom Makeover: Part 3, The Reveal

Master bedroom revamp with a shiplap focal wall and new craftsman door trim!

My last post was all about how I installed the shiplap wall in my master bedroom. Once that was done, I gave the whole room two coats of “Simply White” by Benjamin Moore in eggshell, mixed at Lowes in Sherwin Williams Ovation paint. I was nervous to paint the entire room white at first. I had never painted a room white before, and I was scared it would feel cold and sterile, and that it […]

Master Bedroom Makeover: Part 2, The Shiplap Wall

Master bedroom makeover with a shiplap wall and craftsman door casing!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to keep it a bit simple in my master bedroom and focus on one focal shiplap wall, painted a bright white to brighten things up. The first part of my plan was to quickly draw up the wall that would be shiplapped, so that I could get my measurements straight. The wall is about 15 feet across, with 8 foot ceilings. I also had those two […]

Master Bedroom Makeover: Part 1, The Plan

Master bedroom makeover with a shiplap wall and craftsman door casing!

As I mentioned in my last post, I decided it was finally time to tackle the master bedroom and bathroom. We’ve lived here almost a year and a half now (Wait, what? How? What??) and these two rooms are the last left with the builder-beige flat paint. The before pictures don’t look too terrible, but it was just kind of blah. The flat paint was smudged up from all the kids and animals always hanging out […]